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Tilt-towers offer rapid installation times and never require specially-trained tower climbers to change loading

Western's tilt-towers are an innovative option for light loads on heights up to 80'. Numerous foundation options are available, both above and in-ground, that offer extremely fast installations without the need for heavy cranes, specialized tower crews or long foundation cure times.

Standard Style: Tower heights of 20' to 80' are available, with 40' and 60' towers being the most popular selection. Other heights can be custom-engineered upon request.

VRTT Style: Our patented VRTT tilts offer all the ease and convenience of the standard style with the added feature of being able to adjust the antenna's azimuth direction from the ground on a fully installed tower.

Ship To Stand: Most versions of our tilts are eligible for the ship-to-stand upgrade. For a small fee, the towers are pre-assembled in our yard prior to shipping and cut install times by up to 50%.

Western's tilt-towers have been used for railroad, oil and gas communications, wireless internet and many more applications. For more information on Western's tilt-towers, contact us at (800) 622-6539 or [email protected].