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Design Services

Our professional team works with our customers to ensure every communication tower design meets their needs and requirements. Western Towers utilizes industry-leading software for all communication tower and foundation designs in order to provide the most cost-effective design for each project.

Structural Analysis

ANSI/TIA-222 standard requires each tower to undergo a structural analysis when tower appurtenances such as antennas or equipment are added, replaced or relocated, or when the tower structure is reconfigured such as increasing the tower height.

Our in-house engineering team is able to perform and seal an analysis report on all communication towers from any manufacturer.

Tower Modifications

During the course of a structural analysis, our in-house engineering team will indicate if tower modifications are required in order to maintain structural integrity or to achieve a certain structural rating based on customer request.

Our design team works closely with our customers to ensure all modification materials are manufactured with installation in mind to ensure an efficient and cost-effective project.

Contact the engineering department at [email protected] or call (800) 622-6539.