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Tilt Down Tower - aka Tilt Tower

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Various heights available

from 20 to 80 feet. Towers can tilt down to ground level.


Solid Steel Construction

Means solid corrosion protection. Meets or exceeds latest EIA criteria.


Hot Dip Galvanization

Zinc coating on all hardware and components meet EIA and AGS standards.


Wind Force

Western's tilt-down towers are designed to withstand winds of 100 mph. Towers requiring higher or lower wind or ice loads are custom engineered.


Durable Construction

Meets heavy duty rail industry standards.


Tamper Resistant

Tower is locked into position by bolts or padlock to prevent unauthorized lowering.


Ease of Maintenance

Tower can be folded down safely with minimum effort for servicing coax, antenna, radio, or other devices.


Numerous Applications

Can be used in applications such as spread spectrum radio, microwave, or surveillance.




Various Sizes, Heights & Capacities

Please contact us with the tower
requirements, and we will provide a
proposal for each specific tower need.